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AHA Colloquium

The AHA Colloquium is a program of web-based content designed to bring together historians from all fields, institutions, and career paths who would ordinarily gather at our annual meeting. The greatest benefit of the annual meeting is the chance to build a research, teaching, and professional network by engaging in conversation with fellow historians. This community-building function is the goal of the Colloquium. Indeed, we chose the term “colloquium” for this reason—it is a space for conversation and intellectual exchange.

AHA staff are coordinating the production of approximately 30 webinars selected from sessions originally accepted for the canceled annual meeting. Colloquium programming will also be organized and produced by participants. Some participant-produced sessions will be live webinars, while others will be prerecorded. We hope this model will allow for maximum flexibility and creativity for presenters to make the most of the virtual format.

The AHA does not monitor all content coordinated by participants. All participants in Colloquium sessions are expected to comply with the Code of Professional Conduct at Officially Sanctioned AHA Activities; see our Virtual AHA Policies page for details. In the event that any inappropriate posting or comment is brought to the attention of the AHA we will take all appropriate action consistent with the Code of Conduct.

We hope that participants will take up the challenge of organizing online sessions that foreground conversation. The ideal webinar is a collaborative discussion among a community of scholars. Those organizing web-based programming should think carefully about how to organize a webinar that will encourage lively interactions. 

The staff have developed detailed guidelines about the mechanics and technical details required to organize a successful webinar, as well as a short introductory “Webinar on Webinars.” The Virtual AHA FAQ offers additional information on how to organize and submit webinars to be publicized on the Virtual AHA website and app. Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns.

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Webinar on Webinars

A webinar on how to record and present webinars. This webinar includes some general tips for virtual events, and is primarily intended to assist participants in the AHA Colloquium and the AHA affiliated societies.

AHA Colloquium Information for Those Accepted for the 2021 Program

Presenting at the annual meeting fills a number of professional goals, including building your CV, presenting your research in a respected venue, publicizing your work, and receiving professional credit. We know that many attendees also value the chance to build a research community by engaging in conversation with fellow historians. We envision the AHA Colloquium as a place to continue the professional conversations that take place between panelists, the audience, and attendees at the meeting. Learn more:

AHA Colloquium Information for Those Accepted for the 2021 Program

Don't Panic! The Futures of History from the Liberal Arts College Perspective

The AHA announces "Don't Panic! The Futures of History from the Liberal Arts College Perspective," a series of three online events in January 2021. Liberal arts history is similar to but distinct from history as taught at other institutions, and involves a high level of experimentation in pedagogy and curriculum -- experience that is at a premium during higher education's innovation across the COVID-19 moment. This series is intended to build community among historians at liberal arts colleges, get a sense of shared interests and concerns, and discuss what kind of future structures could best support and encourage a diverse, dynamic, and forward-looking liberal arts history professoriate and student body.

Don’t Panic! The Futures of History from the Liberal Arts College Perspective