Jerry Bentley World History Travel Grant Recipients

Established in 2016 by a generous donation from Bentley’s widow, Carol Mon Lee, in his honor, the Jerry Bentley World History Travel Grants are awarded annually to support travel to the AHA annual meeting for graduate students who include world history among their major or minor fields of academic study.

Madelina Marie Homberger Cordia
Kelly Douma Kaelin
Frank Lacopo

Jessica Bachman
Kylie Gower
Yiyun Huang
Roman Hutter
Graeme Mack
Thais Rezende Da Silva De Sant' Ana
Erica Price (Ellis)
Paula O'Donnell

Ali Atabey
Danielle Blalock Barefoot
Eladio B. Bobadilla
Kyle Ellison David
Alexis Helen Guilbault
Elise A. Mitchell
Megan Lane Neary
Beth Ann Williams

Ashley Black
Elizabeth Bryer
Matthew Combs
Yiyun Ding
Merve Fejzula
Minyong Lee
Casey Schmitt

Lucia Carminati
Elizabeth Lhost
Suzanne Litrel
Alaina Morgan