Why Study History

Everything Has a History

History informs our understanding of everything, and historians' voices are essential in conversations about current events. The American Historical Association advocates for the crucial role of historical thinking in public life and highlights the insights that come when we recognize that everything has a history.

Teaching History with Integrity

"K-16 Educators' Workshop: Perspectives on World War I: The Everyday and the Global"

The AHA’s Freedom to Learn initiative educates historians and others on how to advocate publicly for honest history education and responds directly to legislation.

AHA "Divise Concepts" in High School Classes around the Word - Saturday - January 7, 2023

Videos featuring historians describing how exploring America's past honestly in the classroom benefits the nation's students, and how the freedom to learn also strengthens our shared democracy.


AHA staff have testified before state legislatures and boards of education, published articles, and made media appearances in support of the teaching of honest history, and public education.

AHA 2016 - Atlanta Georgia - January 8, 2016 - Digital Projects Lightning Round #012

The AHA and our partners have developed resources and toolkits for school system leaders, parents, teachers, and school board members.

Engage With History

Learning history is crucial for students and the public to understand our world today.

AHA In the News

The staff and leadership of the AHA are frequently quoted by the media.

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Intergenerational Loyalties and the Genealogies of Black Feminist Thought - Sunday, January 6, 2019

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The AHA brings together historians from all specializations and all work contexts, embracing the breadth and variety of activity in history today

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Your support is vital to our efforts to promote historical work and the importance of historical thinking in public life.