Teaching with Integrity: Historians Speak

This video features seven historians describing how exploring America's past honestly in the classroom benefits the nation's students, and how the freedom to learn also strengthens our shared democracy. Speakers: Leonard Moore (Univ. of Texas, Austin), Katharina Matro (Walter Johnson High School), Julia Brookins (special projects coordinator, American Historical Association), Kathleen Hilliard (Iowa State Univ. and vice president, AHA Teaching Division), James Grossman (executive director, American Historical Association), Hasan Kwame Jeffries (Ohio State Univ.), and James Sweet (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison and 2022 president, American Historical Association).

Teaching Spotlight: Confronting a Nation's Past

Katharina Matro, a high school social studies teacher who grew up in Germany, explains how consistent and open education about the Holocaust has shaped her own commitment to democracy and her love of country. Matro has served as a member of the Teaching Division of the American Historical Association's governing council.

Support the AHA's Advocacy Efforts

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History, the Past, and Public Culture: Results from a National Survey

The AHA partnered with Fairleigh Dickinson University to develop and implement a national survey to assess public perceptions of, and engagement with, the discipline of history and the past.