How the AHA Supports History Departments and Institutions

  • Providing critical data related to historians' work and study, including our yearly enrollments survey and jobs report
  • Opening lines of communication to fellow faculty, department chairs, or directors of graduate study to ask questions and share experiences on the AHA online forums
  • Demonstrating the importance of history education by providing resources that explain "why study history" in a manner that can attract today's students
  • Leading the discipline to provide better preparation for graduate students and early career historians to explore career options within and beyond the academy
  • Giving departments the opportunity to purchase memberships for their students at a discounted rate

Directory of History Departments and Organizations

Member departments and organizations can be included in the Directory of History Departments and Organizations for free. Nonmembers pay $185 per year for their listing.

AHA Career Center

Member departments and organizations receive a discount on job listings in the AHA Career Center, your best resource for hiring historians. With an impressive average of 45,000 monthly page views and 13,500 monthly visitors, it's the go-to hub for connecting with history professionals.