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History in Focus is a podcast by the American Historical Review. Go behind the scenes with the world's leading history journal as we explore the who, what, how, and why of doing history in the 21st century.

Each month, the latest AHR issue will be the jumping off point for a deeper dive into historical content and practice, highlighting the work of historians and other scholars who work in and outside of the academy. You'll still hear interviews but also more immersive storytelling and off-the-cuff banter as we seek to peel back the curtain on the AHR and the work of history more broadly.

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AHA Topics

Season 2


Producers Daniel, Matt, and Conor reflect on season 2 and talk history podcasting generally. Plus a preview from Daniel on...

Season 2

Episode 10

Environmental Crisis and Recovery
Elizabeth Chatterjee examines the dynamics of the climate/food/energy crisis that shook India in the 1970s. And Andrew Highsmith discusses his...

Season 2

Episode 9

Collaborative History + Revisiting Marion Thompson Wright
Arlene Díaz and Kalani Craig discuss their piece exploring the Spanish American War, the use of digital methods, and the...

Season 2

Episode 8

Teaching Historiography + Chilling Affects
Producer Matt Hermane speaks with Agnieszka Aya Marczyk, Abby Reisman, and Brenda Santos about their #AHRSyllabus piece

Season 2

Episode 7

Indigenous Art and History + Conversations with the Dead
Producer Matt Hermane speaks with historian Brenda Child about the March 2024 History Lab feature on Contemporary...

Season 2

Episode 6

Picnicking at the End of Empire + Around AHA 2024
Sarah Abrevaya Stein presents her History Unclassified piece “Eating on the Ground: Picnicking at the End of Empire” on the...

Season 2

Episode 5

Enslaved Women’s Bodies in Fifteenth-Century Spain + Seeing Black America in Iran
Debra Blumenthal examines slave markets in 15th century Spain and their influence on conceptions of women’s health. And Beeta Baghoolizadeh...

Season 2

Episode 4

History and Video Games + Digital Submission Guidelines
Historian Tore Olsson discusses designing a history course around the popular video game Red Dead Redemption 2. And Kalani Craig...

Season 2

Episode 3

Monuments and Public History
Durba Ghosh introduces the AHR forum “Mismonumentalizing and Decolonizing: Public History as History for the Public.” We also hear from...

American Historical Review

The American Historical Review is the flagship journal of the AHA and the journal of record for the historical discipline in the United States, bringing together scholarship from every major field of historical study.

Our Team

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Podcast Production Team

History in Focus is produced and hosted by Daniel Story. The podcast is a production of the American Historical Review in partnership with the AHA and the University Library at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Other members of the podcast team include:

Mark Philip Bradley, editor of the AHR
Conor Howard, co-producer
Phoebe Rettberg, audio engineering assistant
Alexandra Levy, communications director at the AHA

AHR Interview
AHR Interview

AHR Interview ran from 2018-2021. The podcast presented brief discussions with historians whose work has appeared in the American Historical Review. Sometimes the interview accompanied an article or a featured review in a current or recent issue; other times it featured a scholar who had recently been in the news, but whose work appeared in the journal in the past. These accessible and user-friendly podcasts highlight historical scholarship of wide interest and enormous import for issues of the day.