About the AHR History Lab

Intended to open up the American Historical Review‘s pages and the discipline to the diverse work of practicing historians today, the History Lab is driven by a single question: How can the AHR help reimagine the practice of history in the 21st century? For information on how to submit to the History Lab, visit our submissions page.

The History Unclassified section, located within the History Lab, features essays that highlight archival stories, off-beat discoveries, unexpected connections with other fields, as well as historians’ research experiences and their connection to the authors’ lives and stories.

AHR History Lab Submissions

The AHR History Lab invites collaborative teams to develop innovative projects that create new historical knowledge and speak to expansive audiences. History Lab projects involve practitioners of history from across the discipline, including academics, teachers, digital humanists, archivists, community activists, museum curators, documentarians and filmmakers, writers, poets, musicians, composers, and visual artists. The results of their work appear in both the print and digital editions of the AHR. Projects can appear in a single issue of the journal or be spread over multiple issues.

History in Focus Podcast

Take a deeper dive into historical content and practice, highlighting the work of historians and other scholars who work in and outside of the academy.

Season 2

Episode 10

Environmental Crisis and Recovery
Elizabeth Chatterjee examines the dynamics of the climate/food/energy crisis that shook India in the 1970s. And Andrew Highsmith discusses his...

Season 2

Episode 9

Collaborative History + Revisiting Marion Thompson Wright
Arlene Díaz and Kalani Craig discuss their piece exploring the Spanish American War, the use of digital methods, and the...

Season 2

Episode 8

Teaching Historiography + Chilling Affects
Producer Matt Hermane speaks with Agnieszka Aya Marczyk, Abby Reisman, and Brenda Santos about their #AHRSyllabus piece