Why Join the AHA?

Our members support a diverse range of AHA efforts to advocate on behalf of historians and students of history, connect and collaborate with each other over shared historical interests, and benefit from numerous professional resources and programs. The AHA proudly serves thousands of historians, representing all geographical, chronological, and topical specializations and professional settings, and we also welcome anyone interested in history, no matter their educational or professional backgrounds.

Individual Member Benefits

Membership in the AHA supports our work on behalf of the discipline, offers you access to valuable publications, resources, and discounts, and connects you to a diverse and vibrant network of over 11,000 historians.

Individual Member Rates

The AHA offers many options for membership to best fit your situation. Our membership is offered in one- or three-year terms, expiring from the date you enroll.

AHA Awards Ceremony - Thursday, January 3, 2018

Institutional Membership

The AHA provides indispensable resources and community-building opportunities for history departments and historical institutions across the United States and abroad.


The American Historical Association, founded in 1884, is the largest association of historians in the world. We promote the critical role of historical thinking in public life, lead the discipline, and advocate for historians everywhere. Together, and with your support, we can continue our important work.