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The AHA has developed a series of best practices for excellence in professional behavior, research, and teaching.

AHA 2020 LGBTQ Historians’ Reception

Members can communicate and collaborate with other historians in this online networking platform.

AHA 2020 Assignment Charrette: Undergraduate and K-12 Teaching Workshop

Whether you’re looking to find a job or to advertise a position, the AHA Career Center is the go-to hub for connecting with history professionals


History department chairs are on the front lines of the discipline, defending historians’ work and supporting their professional lives at all stages of their academic careers. The AHA strives to strengthen this work and provide resources and opportunities that make chairs’ work easier and valued.



Over 125 history-oriented organizations are affiliated with the AHA, representing a broad network of organizations promoting collaboration and communication across the history community.


Cross-disciplinary coalitions that provide greater access to networks, leadership, and resources that support the AHA’s mission.

Op-Ed Workshop - Hilton

Members Making News highlights the accomplishments of AHA members.

Sanjukta Poddar

To recognize our talented and eclectic membership, the AHA features a regular Member Spotlight series.

Where Historians Work

Where Historians Work is an interactive, online database that catalogs the career outcomes of historians who earned PhDs at universities in the United States from 2004 to 2017.

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AHA 2020 K-12 Reception

Our Career Contacts program arranges informational interviews between current PhD and history PhDs who have built careers beyond the professoriate.


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Discover Historians and History Programs

The online Directory provides for detailed searching of faculty/staff and their field specializations, as well as the ability to do benchmarking comparisons between departments.

The directory contains the titles of over 60,000 dissertations that have been completed or are currently in progress in the United States and Canada since 1873.

Search the AHA Member Directory by name, organization, city, state, and specialization to get contact information for collaboration and community. AHA members only.