Careers for Historians

Interested in learning more about careers for historians? Sign up for the AHA’s Career Contacts program, which connects anyone with a graduate or undergraduate degree in history (“junior contacts”) with historians working outside the professoriate (“senior contacts”) for one-time informational interviews. This popular program has helped hundreds of historians explore potential career pathways since established in 2015.

How it Works

We welcome sign ups from junior contacts interested in learning more about careers beyond the professoriate, as well as senior contacts working in these industries who want to share their knowledge with others.

Testimonials from Junior Contacts

"I really appreciate that the AHA took so much care in selecting a good contact for me to speak with that matched my interests."

"The senior contact offered good concrete advice on how to improve my resume and prepare it for the market in which I am seeking a position."

"The senior career contact I was put in touch with was extremely generous with her time, encouraging, [and] immensely helpful."

Testimonials from Senior Contacts

"He was curious and asked a lot of questions, which I really enjoyed. I truly want to help... and figuring out ways to assist him was really meaningful."

"The informational interview match exceeded my expectations. She was extremely well prepared, managed the scheduling process easily, asked good questions and follow-up questions, and thanked me... for my time and candor."

"Great experience to talk with a newly minted, enthusiastic PhD who is open to possibilities beyond the tenure track."