Academic Departmental Resources

History department chairs are on the front lines of the discipline, defending historians’ work and supporting their professional lives at all stages of their academic careers. The AHA strives to strengthen this work and provide resources and opportunities that make chairs’ work easier and valued. The AHA provides resources and hosts a variety of events and opportunities to benefit department chairs and build community, including webinars, sessions at the annual meeting, and an in-person workshop.

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Current Events in Historical Context

These compilations of AHA resources provide historical context to important current events.

AHA Events Calendar

The AHA Events Calendar shares upcoming events, including conferences, webinars, and virtual events.

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History in Focus

History in Focus is a podcast by the American Historical Review. Go behind the scenes with the world's leading history journal as we explore the who, what, how, and why of doing history in the 21st century.

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The American Historical Review is the flagship journal of the AHA and the journal of record for the historical discipline in the United States, bringing together scholarship from every major field of historical study.

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Perspectives on History is the newsmagazine of the AHA and is the principal source for news and information about the discipline of history. Since 1962, Perspectives has promoted our work by publishing articles and commentary on all aspects of the historical discipline.

AHA Booklets

Since the 1950s, the AHA has published booklets that address a diversity of topics to serve the needs of history students, educators, and professionals. Our publications include career advice for history graduates, overviews and syntheses of current historical topics and fields, and guides to teaching and learning in history. AHA booklets are distributed by Oxford University Press.