Careers for History Majors

Learning history lays the groundwork for future success. We’ve gathered data, advice, and personal stories to show what a degree in history can do for you.

AHA 2020 Workshop - What's So Great about Intro Courses? - Houston Community College Participants

The AHA supports two-year college history faculty and students through relevant online and in-person programming, publications, advocacy, and member benefits. Learn how our initiatives amplify the efforts of this vital constituency.

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The AHA leads or participates in several initiatives to support history educators facing intensifying controversies about what we teach and how we teach it. Historians play a crucial role in public deliberations about how to engage students in truthful and rigorous inquiry in history classrooms.

For Departments

AHA 2020 Creating Graphic Histories: Workshop and Collaboratorium

History department chairs are on the front lines of the discipline, defending historians’ work and supporting their professional lives at all stages of their academic careers. The AHA strives to strengthen this work and provide resources and opportunities that make chairs’ work easier and valued. The AHA provides resources and hosts a variety of events and opportunities to benefit department chairs and build community, including webinars, sessions at the annual meeting, and an in-person workshop.

Social Media for Historians: A Practical Guide - Sunday, January 6, 2019

The AHA is committed to helping leaders navigate the challenges facing the discipline of history at colleges and universities, as well as in libraries, archives, and K–12 schools. Institutional membership provides critical support for these efforts. Institutional members can purchase discounted student memberships for only $30 each, a discount of nearly 30% off the regular rate. Help your students enjoy all the benefits of AHA membership in an easy, affordable way.

"Poster Session"

Help your own students attend the AHA annual meeting through the AHA’s deeply discounted faculty/student group rate. For an additional fee of only $15 for each K–12, undergraduate, and graduate student ($30 after December 15), AHA members can bring students to the annual meeting. Group registration provides an opportunity to mentor students, nourish their interest in history, and encourage their professional growth.

Conferences and Programs


What do students learn in introductory history courses? How can historical thinking support student learning and success across the curriculum? Our regional conferences endeavor to strengthen the community of practice focused on introductory history courses, both in secondary and higher education.

AHA 2020 Undergraduate Poster Session

Information on undergraduate sessions and resources for students interested in attending the annual meeting.

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