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Toshihiro Higuchi

"Studying history makes it possible for us to understand not only what happened in the past but also what could have happened in the past. The scholarship that offers insights into these historical possibilities, I believe, helps us truly learn from the past and chart a better future."

Mara Cota
Mara Cota

"I am fascinated by the role of individual human volition in the course of events. As investigators and explicators of the past historians help us to understand people, institutions, cultures. We need that understanding in order to live responsibly and work toward a more just world."

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Kathryn Brammall

"We can and should study anything and everything. There is nothing that does not deserve the historian’s scrutiny and all research topics are enriched by our methods of investigation. In addition, our research is often enriched by the work of scholars from other disciplines and we welcome that (or if we do not we should)."

AHA 2016 - Atlanta Georgia - January 8, 2016 - Presidential Address #011
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