About AHR History Lab Submissions

The AHR History Lab invites collaborative teams to develop innovative projects that create new historical knowledge and speak to expansive audiences. History Lab projects involve practitioners of history from across the discipline, including academics, teachers, digital humanists, archivists, community activists, museum curators, documentarians and filmmakers, writers, poets, musicians, composers, and visual artists. The results of their work appear in both the print and digital editions of the AHR. Projects can appear in a single issue of the journal or be spread over multiple issues.

Since the History Lab launched in March 2022, it has featured collaborative and often interdisciplinary projects, including engaged history, monuments, art as historical method, the history of smell, deglobalization, nationalism, historical agency, digital history, and artificial intelligence.

Proposals for new Lab projects should provide:

  • A description (500 words) of the project that includes the central questions it hopes to address, the ways it draws on collaborative partnerships to answer them, and the larger stakes of the intervention;
  • A list of the members of your collaborative team with their affiliations;
    The format you envision to present your findings in the pages of the AHR, including the use of any digital assets; and
  • A list of potential project contributors with their affiliations.

Submit a Proposal

Proposals for the AHR History Lab should be submitted at this portal.

History Unclassified

The History Unclassified section, located inside the History Lab, features essays that highlight archival stories, off-beat discoveries, unexpected connections with other fields, as well as historians’ research experiences and their connection to the authors’ lives and stories.

History Unclassified contributions are 2,000 to 5,000 words. Submissions should be emailed to brownkl@mit.edu and ejcallaci@wisc.edu with the subject line “History Unclassified.”