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June 13, 2019

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AHA Resource, For Departments, For Professional Development, Video

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AHA Initiatives & Projects, Career Paths, Graduate Education, Professional Life

History PhDs build careers in a stunning variety of professions. The following resources provide personal stories of history PhDs talking about what they do for a living, how they found their jobs, transitioning from graduate school, and what it means to be a historian in their line of work.

Career Paths is an ongoing series in Perspectives on History. Visit Perspectives to read recent pieces in the ongoing series.

What I Do: Historians Talk about Their Work is a video series that answers some of the questions people have about where historians work and what they do. Historians talk about what they do, how they got their job, what makes their job interesting or challenging, and what they love about their work.


What I Do: Stephen Aron – History Professor and Chair of the Autry Institute


What I Do: The Rhythm of Work with Professor Kevin Boyle


What I Do: Lincoln Bramwell – Chief Historian, US Forest Service


What I Do: Ramona Houston – Entrepreneur and activist-scholar


What I Do: LuAnn Jones – Historian, US National Park Service


What I Do: Laura Kamoie – From History Professor to Novelist


What I Do: Andrew Keating – Director of Cloud Services, Internet2


What I Do: Jessie Kratz – Archivist for the National Archives


What I Do: John Lawrence – Former Chief of Staff for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi


What I Do: Aaron Marrs – Historian, US Department of State


What I Do: Valerie Paley – Uniting Museum and Research Library


What I Do: Rachel Reinhard – UC Berkeley History—Social Science Project


What I Do: John Rosinbum – History Teacher and College Board Consultant


What I Do: Carol Geary Schneider – President of Association of American Colleges & Universities


What I Do: Stephanie Young – Historical Skills in Contemporary Research at RAND Corporation