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The American Historical Association welcomes comments from readers. Historians celebrate intellectual communities governed by mutual respect and constructive criticism. The preeminent value of such communities is reasoned discourse—the continuous colloquy among historians holding diverse points of view who learn from each other as they pursue topics of mutual interest. A commitment to such discourse—balancing fair and honest criticism with tolerance and openness to different ideas—makes possible the fruitful exchange of views, opinions, and knowledge.

  1. In short, letter writers and commenters should always address the ideas at hand, and refrain from remarking on the person who has those ideas.
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  3. Comments should be governed by mutual respect and constructive criticism. The editors will not accept for publication, in print or in digital form, any statement that contains ad hominem attacks, namely, attacks that disparage a particular person or group of people rather than attempting to engage with ideas. Ad hominem attacks include abusive statements and remarks on a person's character or reputation.

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