Dorothy Rosenberg Phi Beta Kappa Travel Grant Recipients

Established in 2013 at the bequest of Dorothy Rosenberg and in collaboration with the Phi Beta Kappa Society, the Dorothy Rosenberg Phi Beta Kappa Annual Meeting Travel Grants are awarded annually to help defray travel expenses incurred by graduate students attending the annual meeting.

Javier Calderon Abullarade
Chenxi Luo
Sarah Sears
Sadie Sunderland

Sarah/Shu Chang
Nico Mara-McKay
Jennifer Schaper
Thomas Stephens
Ling-yi Tsai

Lawrence Abrams
Sarath Pillai
Grace Song
Nina Walter

Lei Lin
Jonathan van Harmelen
Elizabeth Hameeteman
Alexandra Prince
Connor Kenaston
Nadirah Mansour

Heeyoung Choi
Jaewoong Jeon
Lin Li
Suzanne Marie Litrel
Muiris MacGiollabhui
Lucas Melvin Mueller

Cassandra Berman
Richard Calis
Sarah Foss
Daniel Kressel
Genevieve Wallace

Christopher Hommerding, "Laying It All on the Table: Scaling Up Rural Queer History from Small-Town Wisconsin to Transnational Queer Networks" on the session "Queer History beyond the City: Sexuality in 19th- and Early 20th-Century Rural America"
Dale Kretz, "Black Veterans and the New Auction Block" on the session "Ex-slaves and Their Government: Rethinking Black Politics and the Law in Emancipated America"
Guy Mount, "Soul Food, Stir Fry, and Citizenship: The Transnational Construction of Tom’s Dixie Kitchen in Manila" on the session "Atlantic to Pacific: New Perspectives on American Global Empire and the African Diaspora"

Nicholas Gliserman, Poster, "The Historical Map As Geodatabase: Creating a Geographic Information System (GIS) from a Data-Rich Seventeenth-Century Map"
Lilly Havstad, "'É Nossa Comida': Food, Cultural Hybridity, and Mobility in Maputo, Mozambique" on the session "City Food: Mobile People in the Urban Foodscapes of Brazil, Canada, and Mozambique"
Sarah McCartney, Poster, "Mapping the Mathews' Store: Commerce and Community in Virginia's Revolutionary-Era Backcountry"