Approaches to Teaching

The AHA is committed to advancing thought about the teaching of history at all levels. Recent projects that challenged instructors to approach the classroom differently include the Tuning and Bridging Cultures projects. AHA has also been involved in hosting a variety of events at which faculty have held discussions on important topics such as the introductory history survey, dual/concurrent enrollment, and teaching with digital tools. Here you will find information on the initiatives and links to resources that will help you think about new ways of approaching teaching.

Articulating the Skills of the History Student

AHA Tuning Project

The AHA Tuning project seeks to articulate the central habits of mind, skills, and understanding that students achieve when they study history. Beginning in 2012, this project has brought together accomplished history faculty from a range of 2- and 4-year institutions across the country to define the core disciplinary elements of historical study and the goals of the undergraduate history major.

Other Perspectives Articles on Assessment and Outcomes


Globalizing the US History Survey

Supported by a grant from the NEH's Bridging Cultures initiative, the AHA's "American History, Atlantic and Pacific" professional development program for Community College faculty promotes a global perspective on US history at the country's increasingly diverse two-year institutions.  The program draws on a generation of innovative scholarship that has reframed the origins of the US within a broad geographical and chronological context. Participants worked to create or revise US history courses with lessons, units, and other work that deepens teaching on the US in the world.

Bridging Cultures

Assessing Dual Enrollment

Assessing Dual Enrollment: Is High School the Future of Higher Education?

A Perspectives on History forum from September 2015

AHA Statement on Dual/Concurrent Enrollment

In January 2016, AHA Council approved a statement regarding best practices in dual enrollment/concurrent enrollment (DE/CE) courses that was drafted by the Teaching Division.

AHA16 Session on History and Dual/Concurrent Enrollment (on YouTube)

This roundtable held at the 2016 AHA annual meeting in Atlanta provides insights about concurrent enrollment and some of its implications.

Engaging Students in Civic Life

NHC History and Policy Education Program GuideModeled on the National History Center's Congressional Briefings by Historians program, the M History and Policy Education Program (HPEP provides a guide to enable educators and students to craft public briefings on the historical background of policy questions facing local or state leaders. The guide includes an overview, learning outcomes, sample assignments, and practical tips on organizing public briefings.

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