History and Policy Education Program

Oct. 2, 2015 - Modeled on the National History Center's Congressional Briefings by Historians program, the History and Policy Education Program aims to help students appreciate the importance of bringing historical perspectives to contemporary policy conversations.  Designed to be adaptable to many courses and teaching styles, the Mock Policy Briefing initiative provides a guide for history educators to develop and host briefings about the historical dimensions of current policy questions.  Read more about the background of the initiative in the October issue of Perspectives on History. 

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The Mock Policy Briefing Program includes an overview of the program, learning outcomes, sample assignments, and practical tips for inviting legislators and other leaders and for organizing public briefings.  Download the guide here

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Watch Historians Inform Policy on Capitol Hill

The Center's Congressional Briefings program aims to provide members of Congress and their staff with the historical background needed to understand the context of current legislative concerns.  It does so by bringing leading historians to Capitol Hill to provide non-partisan briefings on past events and policies that shape the issues facing Congress today. Watch the NHC's briefing on Ebola and the African Health Crisis here, and see more examples of briefings--including those on the Ukraine crisis and tax reform--on YouTube.

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