AHA Online Submissions

Proposing an AHA Online Event

The AHA invites proposals for a very limited number of online events throughout the calendar year. Proposed events should focus on issues related to the historical profession broadly, such as professional development or advocacy work. We will accept pitches from all AHA members (including but not limited to those working at colleges and universities, K-12 schools, museums, and archives), at all degree levels, and of all professional ranks. Proposers should expect to organize and/or moderate their events.

Proposal Process

Proposing an online event is a two-stage process. Before submitting a full proposal, organizers should send a two- or three-sentence pitch describing the planned event to ahaonline@historians.org. Descriptions should give us a better understanding of the topic and your viewpoint, as well as indicate the intended audience for the event. Please also confirm that you are an AHA member when submitting your pitch. An in-house programming committee will review and invite a full proposal if it seems like the event would be an appropriate addition to the AHA's online programming calendar. Pitches will be accepted on a rolling basis; you will receive a response within four weeks.

Presenting Historical Research

The AHA does not host research panels as part of its online programing; such sessions should be submitted to the annual meeting instead. In addition, online programming takes a great deal of staff time to put on. Only an extremely limited number of slots will be available each year for such programming; accordingly, we will only accept proposals from members. Events may be recorded and made available on the AHA's YouTube channel, if appropriate.