Activities of the National History Center (2003-22)

The National History Center provided historical perspectives on current issues and promoted historical thinking in the service of civic engagement through nonpartisan programs that were intended for the benefit of policy makers and the press, educators, and the public at large. Its initiatives were intended to bring the insights of history and historical thinking to bear on the challenges that confront our nation and the world and to encourage an informed appreciation of the ways the past shapes the present.

In 2022, the Board of Trustees of the National History Center voted to “consolidate the work of the Center into the current and future activities of the AHA.” This decision will have some structural implications, but it will not affect the actual work that the National History Center has been doing over the past few years. Integrating the Center's activities into the AHA’s structure and mission will enable us to do this work more efficiently and more effectively.

For more on the history and future of the National History Center, please read James Grossman's Perspectives on History article “The National History Center and the AHA.”

The AHA has compiled an appendix of the Congressional Briefings and Washington History Seminars conducted by the Center. The appendix also includes a list of members of the center’s Program Committee and the Board, and donors and contributions made to the center. Download the appendix as a PDF

Recordings from past center events can be found on the YouTube channels of the AHA and the Center

Washington History Seminars

Congressional Briefings