Published Date

September 17, 1972

Resource Type

AHA Archival Document

Table of Contents

  1. The Review Board
  2. The Present State of the Association
  3. Governance
  4. The Committee System
  5. The Divisions of the Association
  6. Publications
  7. The Annual Meeting
  8. Associated Specialized Historical Societies
  9. Finance
  10. Dues

Letter of Transmittal

TO: All members of the American Historical Association
FROM: The Review Board
DATE: September 17, 1972

We herewith submit for consideration and comment by the entire membership the preliminary report of the AHA Review Board. We will submit our final report to the membership in the spring of 1973, after all members have had the opportunity to discuss with us this preliminary report. We emphasize, therefore, that this document is not submitted for the vote of the membership at this time. Instead, we seek criticism of and commentary on our proposals and for that purpose offer two means by which all members may express their views.

First, there will be a general meeting of the membership to consider the report on the morning of Friday, December 29, 1972, in the Rivergate Convention Center in New Orleans. At that time we will briefly present the report and solicit comments from those in attendance. Because of necessary limitations on speaking time and because of our desire to have the full views of everyone accurately, we ask that those who comment from the floor also submit to us afterwards their thoughts in writing. Needless to say, those who cannot, or care not to, speak at that time are requested to send us their written views.

Second, from those who do not present their views to us in New Orleans or who do not attend the convention, we ask that written comments be sent to the Review Board, c/o American Historical Association, 400 A Street S.E., Washington, D. C. 20003, no later than January 31, 1973.

Our final report will come before the membership for action at the annual meeting of December 1973.

We wish to take this occasion to express our appreciation to all those who have given us the benefit of their views. In particular, we want to thank all the members of the staff of the Washington office, who have willingly answered all our many requests for information and aid.

James M. Banner, Jr.
Princeton University

John W. Blassingame
Yale University

Raymond F. Betts
University of Kentucky

Wade H. Boggs
The Westminster Schools, Atlanta, Georgia

Margaret Branson
Holy Names & Mills Colleges

Letitia W. Brown
George Washington University

Joseph C. D’Oronzio
State University of New York College at New Paltz

Hanna H. Gray, Chairman
Northwestern University

Alessandra L. Levenbook
Northwood Senior High School, Silver Spring, Maryland

David H. Pinkney
University of Washington

Roger W. Shugg
University of New Mexico

Henry R. Winkler
Rutgers University