Teaching with #DigHist

Teaching with #DigHist is an AHA Today series geared toward instructors at every level who are thinking about using digital history projects in their classrooms. Each month, John Rosinbum, a high school and college instructor in Arizona, will review a digital history project, explore what sorts of historical questions it could help students answer, and provide learning-outcome driven, ready-to-use assignments.

SNCC Digital Gateway

Lauren Tilton (Univ. of Richmond) uses the SNCC Gateway to teach students about grassroots organizing during the Civil Rights Movement.


Viral Texts

John Rosinbum uses Viral Texts to teach students about how newspapers can function as sources, not just for important historical events, but also for gaining an understanding of the broader cultural context in which those events took place.


The Making of Charlemagne's Europe

Guest contributor Kalani Craig uses the Making of Charlemagne's Europe to teach medieval history through historical charters.


The Colored Conventions Project

The primary goal of the Colored Conventions Project is to recover an understudied aspect of the 19th century reform movement—Black conventions. Rosinbum uses the resources available on the project's website to teach his students about activism and the lives of African American men and women in the 19th century.


Voyages: The Transatlantic Slave Trade Database

John Rosinbum uses Voyages: The Transatlantic Slave Trade Database to teach students visualization, contextualization, and other historical thinking skills.



John Rosinbum uses ORBIS, a program that allows students to interact with maps of Ancient Rome, as an easy entry into digital history projects for students.