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Historical Understanding

Valerie Strauss, "Analysis | Historians: What Kids Should Be Learning in School Right Now," Washington Post, November 22, 2018

Jim Grossman, Sophia Rosenfeld, and other historians suggest where teachers should be focusing students' learning

"The 25 Moments From American History That Matter Right Now," Time, June 28, 2018

Includes comments from American Historical Association Committee on Minority Historians.

Tim Beach, "Commentary: When the Endangered Species Act Arrived, Species Revived," Austin American Statesman, September 21, 2018

John McNeil, AHA president-elect, discusses importance of environmental history

Elizabeth Dohms, “Decision To Strip Laura Ingalls Wilder's Name From Literature Award Shows Changing Values,” Wisconsin Public Radio, May 16, 2018

Jim Grossman comments on the American Library Association’s decision to change the name of its literature award.

Black Nelson, “Missouri Senate votes to send Harry Truman back to DC,” Associated Press, May 16, 2018

Jim Grossman discusses the role of historical understanding when a state selects a statue to represent it in the US Capitol.

Steve Hendrix, “Is technology bringing history to life or distorting it?,” The Washington Post, May 10, 2018

Seth Denbo, AHA director of scholarly communication and digital initiatives, quoted about the impacted of new digital tools on historical understanding.

James Grossman, “Bigotry stopped Americans from intervening before the Holocaust. Not much has changed,” Los Angeles Times, April 29, 2018

Jim Grossman reviews “Americans and the Holocaust” at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC.

Teaching and Learning

"Waubonsee Part of Program to Rethink History Classes," Kendall County Now, October 26, 2018

References History Gateways, the AHA's newly funded initiative to improve attrition rates associated with history course performance among first generation college students

Daniel J. McInerney, "Becoming a 'Bilingual' Advocate for Your Discipline and Your Graduates," Liberal Education 104, no. 3 (Summer 2018)

Coverage of AHA's initative, the Tuning Project.

Sam Wineburg, Joel Breakstone and Mark Smith, “Do We Know What History Students Learn?,” Inside Higher Ed, April 3, 2018

References the AHA’s work on the Tuning Project and other studies of history student learning.

Career Diversity for Historians

Alfreda James, "The Need for Renewed Career Advice for Graduate Students (Opinion)," Inside Higher Ed, November 19, 2018

Commends AHA's Career Diversity for Historians initiative to showcase expanded opportunities for history Ph.D. holders

Leonard Cassuto, "Finally, a Model for Disciplines to Track Ph.D. Career Outcomes - The Chronicle of Higher Education," The Chronicle for Higher Education, October 31, 2018

Coverage of AHA's Where Historians Work interactive data tool

Vimal Patel, “Colleges Can’t — or Won’t — Track Where PhDs Land Jobs. Should Disciplinary Associations?,” Chronicle of Higher Education, July 17, 2018

Coverage of the AHA’s new data project, Where Historians Work, which tracks the careers over 8,500 history PhD recipients and provides an interactive tool to explore the outcomes of graduate training in history.

Vimal Patel, "Rebranding the Ph.D.," The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 4, 2018

This article highlights the role of the AHA Career Diversity for Historians initiative in improving graduate education.

Virginia Scharff, "Prepare Your Ph.D.s for Diverse Career Paths," The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 4, 2018

The director of the AHA Career Diversity pilot program at the University of New Mexico gives advice for improving graduate education.

Coverage of AHA Statements

References to the AHA's statement on Confederate monuments

James Leloudis, "We Stand at a Decisive Moment on UNC's Silent Sam. We Should Not Be Afraid," The News and Observer, November 30, 2018

Edwin M. Yoder, Jr., “Attacking Confederate monuments echoes the prejudice it condemns,” The News & Observer, May 2, 2018

Kimberly C. Moore, “Confederate monument relocation sites narrowed to 2 in Lakeland,” News Chief, March 21, 2018

Dean Mosiman, "City to decide fate of two Confederate monuments in Madison cemetery," Wisconsin State Journal, January 29, 2018

References to the AHA's letter to College Board Regarding AP World History

Gail Robinson, "Overdue Assignment: Making NYC Schools Culturally Responsive," City Limits, November 14, 2018

David M. Perry, "Can We Save AP World History?" Pacific Standard, July 26, 2018

Steve Dubb,"College Board Restores 250 Years to World History, but Much Is Still Missing," Nonprofit Quarterly, July 24, 2018
Valerie Strauss, "College Board Restores 250 Years to AP World History Course after Outcry over Plan to Cut 9,000 Years," Washington Post, July 20, 2018
Matthew Gabriele, "The College Board Is Trying To Fix World History But Might Be Making It Worse,Forbes, July 19, 2018

Mason McKie, "Scholars Blast Decision to Cut 8,000 Years from AP World History," Campus Reform, June 28, 2018

Colleen Flaherty, "Critics Say Proposed Rewrite of AP World History Exam Is Too Eurocentric," Inside Higher Ed,June 14, 2018

References to the AHA's letter and statement regarding University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Pat Schneider, “Liberal arts groups say UW-Stevens Point cuts would make students less employable,” The Cap Times, March 20, 2018

Maggie Chandler, “National societies defend UW-Stevens Point humanities majors,” The Daily Cardinal, March 18, 2018

Shelley K. Mesch, “Professional organizations respond to UW-Stevens Point proposal to cut humanities majors,” Madison.com, March 18, 2018

Colleen Flaherty, “20 Scholarly Groups Question Stevens Point Cuts,” Inside Higher Ed, March 16, 2018

Colleen Flaherty, “‘A Different Kind of University’,” Inside Higher Ed, March 13, 2018

References to the AHA' statement condemning the Polish law criminalizing references to Polish complicity in Nazi War Crimes

Scott Jaschik, "Historians Blast Polish Law on Nazi-Era Scholarship," Inside Higher Ed, February 12, 2018

History Major Enrollment

Jason Daley, "Why Are Fewer People Majoring in History?" Smithsonian, November 29, 2018

Reports on Findings from AHA 2018 Majors Report

Colleen Flaherty, "The Vanishing History Major: New analysis of history-major data says the field has fallen to a "new low". Can it be saved?"Inside Higher Ed, November 27, 2018

References the AHA 2018 Majors Report

Emma Pettit, "Why Are Students Ditching the History Major?" The Chronicle of Higher Education, November 26, 2018

Analyzes Data from the AHA's 2018 Majors Report

Evan Thomas, "The Story of a Less Perfect Union - and Its Original Sin," The Boston Globe, September 14, 2018

Students are turning away from the humanities and the history major in oarticular.

Jobs Report

Colleen Flaherty, “More Bad News on History",” The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 27, 2018

Coverage of 2017 AHA Jobs Report

2018 AHA Annual Meeting

Jackie Mansky, “The Age-Old Problem of “Fake News",” Smithsonian Magazine, May 7, 2018

Includes discussion at a panel held at the 2018 AHA annual meeting.

Emma Shortis, “Yale Diaries: the role of historians in Trump’s America,” Crikey.com, January 17, 2018

A Yale PhD student examines the conversations surrounding history, politics, and public engagement at the 2018 AHA annual meeting for an Australian independent news outlet.

Anna North, ““I Am Student X”: how graduate students are seizing their #MeToo moment,” Vox.com, January 17, 2018

This examination of the anti-sexual harassment movement on college campuses references a session organized by AHA Council at the 2018 meeting.

Neetu Chandak, “Historians look to help activists 'resist' immigration control,” Campus Reform, January 9, 2018

A conservative website spotlights a panel accepted on the AHA’s late-breaking sessions program and includes an interview with the panel chair.

Brendan Pringle, “Professors teaching US conservatism baffled by Trump administration,” Washington Examiner, January 9, 2018

A conservative website disputes the characterizations of Donald Trump given by historians at an AHA panel.

Colleen Flaherty, “Historians MIA,” Inside Higher Ed, January 9, 2018

Summary of a panel accepted on the AHA’s late-breaking sessions program focused on historians’ assessments of the Ken Burn and Lynn Novick documentary Vietnam.

Colleen Flaherty, “The History Ph.D.: Beyond ‘Alt-Ac’,” Inside Higher Ed, January 8, 2018

Highlights from multiple sessions organized as part of the AHA’s Career Diversity for Historians initiative, including workshops and panels with historians employed beyond the professoriate.

Colleen Flaherty, “Teaching Conservatism in the Age of Trump,” Inside Higher Ed, January 5, 2018

An in-depth report about a highly-anticipated panel at the 2018 meeting, focused on the challenges faculty members face in contextualizing the Trump administration and presenting political perspectives in the classroom.

Michael S. Rosenwald, “1968’s chaos: The assassinations, riots and protests that defined our world,” The Washington Post, January 1, 2018

Published on the front page two days before the 2018 meeting, this article in the Post’s Retropolis series highlights new historical perspectives on the 50th anniversary of 1968 that would occur during the AHA annual meeting.

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