From supporting robust funding for the National Endowment of the Humanities and the National Archives, to opposing bills that would restrict history education or eliminate tenure, the revision of state history and social studies standards, and other crucial policies, the AHA encourages you to make your voice heard.

You can use the website Plural to find your state representatives and access their contact information, including email addresses. You are welcome to adapt an AHA statement or letter as appropriate when contacting your representatives. If you are employed by an institution with a government relations office, you might also wish to get in touch with staff to learn more about their work and how they help support funding and policies for the humanities. And please consider sharing your thoughts and insight on these issues with others in your community.

Teaching History with Integrity

Through Teaching History with Integrity, the AHA leads or participates in several initiatives to provide resources and support for history educators facing intensifying controversies about the teaching of the American past.

Support the AHA's Advocacy Efforts

The AHA is unique among history organizations with the breadth and depth of our advocacy efforts. This work is more critical now than ever before, and we need your help. If you believe in the importance of honest history education, please join the AHA as a member or donate to the AHA's Advocacy Fund to support our advocacy work.