Michael Kraus Research Grant Recipients

Michael Kraus Research Grants recognize the most deserving proposal relating to work in progress on a research project in American colonial history, with particular reference to the intercultural aspects of American and European relations.


Joseph Bienko, Warfare and the Environment in the 17th-Century Atlantic World and Caribbean
Rowshan Chowdhury, Passage to Mutiny: Figurative Indianness, "The Relief of Lucknow," and 19th-Century Triangular Newspaper Network
Paul G. Feller-Simmons, Villancicos from the Maya Highlands: 17th-Century Vernacular Sacred Music from the Huehuetenango Manuscript Collection
Benjamin Groth, The Black Sacrament: How Baptism Created Race in New Orleans and the Atlantic World
Hannah Jo King, Our Ancestors Were Black Homesteaders: Cultural Ecologies, Racial Tensions, and Solidary Futures on Muscogee Nation Lands, 1827-1919
Nicole Musson, Reports from the West: The North American Backcountry in Print, 1745-75


Francisco Céntola, The Material Basis of Transportation in Alta California, 1769–1848
Ross M. Nedervelt, The Border-Seas of a New British Empire: Security, Imperial Reconstitution, and the British Atlantic Islands in the Age of the American Revolution
Teanu Reid, Harvesting and Weaving Money: Local Currencies in Barbados and the Greater British Atlantic World, 1620–1770
Clifton E. Sorrell, Negotiating Freedom, Subjecthood(s) and Belonging in the Interimperial Caribbean Frontier: Spanish Blacks in Early English Jamaica, 1658–90
Jacob Swisher, Precious Things: A Planetary History of an Early American Borderland


Julia Carroll, The Protestant Sanctioning of Race-Based Slavery in Language and Landscape in the Anglo-American South, 1739-91
Sarah Beth Gable, Policing the Revolution: Massachusetts Communities and the Committees of Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety, 1773-83
Kelly Douma Kaelin, Convert, Migrant, Missionary: Women and the Moravian Church in the Early Modern Atlantic World
Andrea Miles, Black Rebels: African American Revolutionaries from North Carolina during and after the War of Independence
Jonathan Quint, Building the Border: Sovereignty, Labor, and Landscape in the Great Lakes Borderlands, 1760-1820


Danielle Alesi, Consuming Empire: Eating and Engaging with Animals in the Early Modern Atlantic World, 1492-1650
Camden Elliott, War in Wôbanak: Environmental Histories of Conflict in the Dawnland, 1676-1766
Joanne Jahnke Wegner, Stolen Lives: Gender and Captivity in the Northeastern Borderlands, 1630-1763
Cody Nager, From Different Quarters: Regulating Migration and Naturalization in the Early American Republic, 1783-1815

Aimee Hisey, Nations, Networks, and Knowledge: Circulating Epistemologies of Jewish Medical Practitioners in the Spanish Viceroyalties
Yiyun Huang, The Chinese Origins of Medicinal Tea: Global Cultural Transfer and a Vast Early America
Randal Grant Kleiser, (Ex)Changing Empires: Free Ports, Reform, and Revolution in the Atlantic World, 1750-84
Samuel Aldred Slattery, Colonial History from the Ramparts of a Harbor Fort: Early American Seaports and the Policed Atlantic

Michaela Kleber, Gendered Societies, Sexual Empires: Early French Colonization among the Illinois
Matthijs T. Tieleman, A Revolutionary Wave: Dutch and American Patriots in the 18th-Century Atlantic World
Russell L. Weber, American Feeling: Political Passions and Emotional Identity in the Early Republic, 1754-96

Juneisy Hawkins, Illicit Anglo-Spanish Food Trade in the Colonial American Southeast, 1703-63
Nicole Mahoney, Liberty, Gentility, and Dangerous Liaisons: French Culture and Polite Society in Early National America, 1770-1825
Maria Ryan, Hearing Power, Sounding Freedom: Black Practices of Music-making and Ear-training in the British Colonial Caribbean, 1807-53

Whitney Barlow Robles, Curious Species: How Animals Made Natural History, 1700-1820
Nathaniel Holly, From Chota to Charles Town: The Urban Lives of Cherokees
Muiris MacGiollabhui, Sons of Exile: An Atlantic History of the United Irishmen, 1795-1830

Marissa Rhodes, Body Work: Wet-Nurses and Politics of the Breast in Eighteenth-Century London and Philadelphia
Casey Schmitt, Frontiers of Neighbors: Negotiating a Legal and Cultural Vernacular in the 17th-Century Caribbean
Sonia Tycko, Spirited Beyond the Sea: Persuasion and Consent in the Early English Empire

Hannah Bailey, "I Saw Africa, But I Have Never Set Foot There": A "New Account" of Africans in the Early Modern French Atlantic
Heather Freund, Loyal Subjects or Internal Enemies?: Rethinking Legal Subjectivities in the British Caribbean, 1763-1815

Christine DeLucia, The Memory Frontier: Memorializing King Philip's War in the Native Northeast
Gregory Wigmore, The Limits of Empire: Allegiance, Opportunity, and Imperial Rivalry in the Canadian-American Borderland

Katherine Grandjean, Post Haste: Letters, Posting, and Empire in Early English America
Matthew Kruer, The Susquehannock War: Native Americans, Bacon's Rebellion, and the Forging of the Covenant Chain

Hyun Wu Lee, Soldiers in the Southeast: British Troops, Indians, Colonists, and Slaves, 1756-63
Gloria Whiting, 'Endearing Ties': Black Family Life in Early New England

Rebecca Hall, 'Entertaining Negroes': 18th-Century Criminal Prosecutions and the Creation of Whiteness
Gina Martino-Trutor, Her Extraordinary Sufferings and Services: Women and War in New England and New France, 1630-1763
Justin Rowe, 17th-Century Presbyterianism and Scotch-Irish Migration

Jonathan DeCoster, Intimate Enemies: Native Rivalry and Imperial Competition in the Colonial Southeast, 1564-1614
Neal Dugre, Creating New England: Intercolonial Political Culture and the Birth of a Region in the 17th-Century English Atlantic
Randi Lewis, Government for Sail: Networks of Political Economy in Salem, Massachusetts, 1763-1819

Celine Carayon, 'Not able to be expressed with tongue': Communication, Performance, and Acculturation in French America
Bronwen McShea, Cultivating a New World: The Jesuits' Social Vision for France and North America, 1610-85

Ian Aebel, Constructing History, Producing America: Anglo-American Historical Thought, Historiography, and the Birth of American History in the Early Modern English Atlantic, c. 1485 to c. 1714
Andrea Mosterman, Sharing Spaces in a New World Environment: African-Dutch Contributions to North American Culture, 1626-1826

Christian Koot, In Pursuit of Profit: Persistent Dutch Influences on the Inter-Imperial Trade of New York and the English Leeward Islands, 1621-89
Sowande' Mustakeem, Ripples of Infinity: Gender, Health, and Violence in the Middle Passage, 1721-1808

Natale Zappia, The Autonomous Interior: Trading, Raiding, and Freedom in Native California, 1700-1857
Anya Zilberstein, Planting Improvement: Small Farms and Scientific Agriculture in the British North Atlantic, 1740-1820

Gillian Hendershot, Witches, Wizards and Marginalized Men: Gender, Accusation and Conviction in Witchcraft Trials in Seventeenth Century England and Colonial New England, a Transnational Study
Sara Sundberg, Women and the Civil Law in Early Louisiana
Kirsten Sword, Wayward Wives, Runaway Slaves, and the Rights of Dependents in Early America

Jacob Blosser, Pursuing Happiness: Latitudinarianism and the Anglo-American Mind
Richard Bond, Ebb and Flow: Free Blacks and Urban Slavery in Eighteenth-Century New York
William Ramsey, III, The Yamasee War

John Donoghue, Radical Republican Political Culture in the Puritan Atlantic,1630-1661
April Hatfield, Anglo-Spanish Relations in the Caribbean and Southeastern North America, 1580-1720
Dinah Mayo-Bobee, Servile Discontents: Runaway Slaves of Colonial New Hampshire, 1745-1785

Gabriele Gottlieb, A Solemn Warning and Caution to Every One: Capital Punishment in Early America
Christopher Hodson, From Exile to Ethnic: The Acadian Diaspora and the Imagining of Identity in the Early Modern Atlantic World

James Delbourgo, Political Electricity: Experimentalism, Enthusiasm, and Enlightenment in 18th-Century British America
Matthew Pursell, Intellectual Construction of Servitude

Ariana Hannum, The Agricultural Economy of West Florida
Birte Pfleger, The Creation of a Gendered Middle Ground in Penn's Woods

Sarah Pearsall, 'After All These Revolutions': Family Correspondence from the British-Atlantic World, 1760-1812

Wayne Lee, From Riot to War: Public Violence in 18th-Century North Carolina

Andrew Frank
Steven Oatis
Joshua Piker

Mary Galvin
Wyllys Terry

Turk McCleskey, Black Ned: A Life on the Colonial Frontiers
Kees-Jan Waterman, Dutchmen and Indians: An Ethnohistory of Intercultural Contacts in New Netherland, 1609-64