Affiliated Societies at the Annual Meeting

Important Dates and Deadlines

February 15: Deadline for submitting proposals for co-sponsored sessions to the AHA Program Committee.

March: Any updates to the Process for Affiliate Session and Events will be announced; the memorandum of understanding will be posted to the affiliate community.

Late April or Early May: AHA Program Committee notifies submitters of its decisions; staff will notify affiliates of decisions co-sponsored sessions.

Early May: Submission of affiliate sessions, events, receptions, and lunches begins; a link to the online submission system will be posted to the affiliate community.

May 21: Deadline for affiliate submissions.

Late July: Affiliate program listing sent to organizers for final review.

September: Registration and housing open.

June: Affiliates may request a list of relevant session accepted by the Program Committee from the AHA staff.

Joint Sessions

Affiliates may submit proposals for review by the AHA Program Committee by the February 15 deadline. If accepted such proposals will be listed as joint with the AHA. Historians from the United States on sessions accepted by the AHA Program Committee are required to be AHA members.

Affiliate Sessions

Affiliated societies also have the option to organize sessions and events that are not subject to review by the Program Committee. Details are due to the AHA in late May.

Due to the limited availability of meeting space and the large number of affiliates, the Association reserves the right to set limitations or asses feed on usage of meeting space by affiliates. Details are outlined in the Process for Affiliate Sessions and Events. A memorandum of understanding is provided to participating affiliates each year.

Each affiliated society is responsible for all organizational and financial details for such activities and for keeping the AHA informed of its plans.

Please remember that everyone on the annual meeting program, whether on an AHA or affiliated society session, is required to register for the conference. Participants on affiliated society sessions are not required to be AHA members. There is a discounted registration rate for nonmember speakers.

We also have detailed instructions online for affiliate sessions and events