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  • AHA Council Commends Staff for 135th Annual Meeting (January 2022)

    Jan 12, 2022 - 

    On behalf of the entire membership of the AHA, the AHA Council offers its highest commendation and deep gratitude for the efforts of AHA staff in organizing a successful annual meeting. Despite the obstacles posed by COVID-19, over 900 members attended the meeting in New Orleans, even as dozens of panels moved online (to take place in late February). These last-minute changes took Herculean effort on the part of executive director Jim Grossman and his staff. Council is especially grateful to meetings manager Debbie Doyle, who essentially organized two entirely “new” meetings—one in person and one online—during the last two weeks of December and the first week of January. Thanks to the tireless work of AHA staff, the organization is not only on sounder financial ground than it would have been had the meeting been canceled, but the membership also enjoyed an even broader range of intellectual exchanges and professional development opportunities than would normally be the case.


    James H. Sweet
    AHA President, 2022

  • AHA Sends Letter Opposing Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District Resolution

    Jan 06, 2022 - 

    The AHA sent a letter to leaders at the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District opposing the proposed Resolution No. 21-12, “Resolution Opposing the Teaching of Critical Race Theory.” “If the district is committed to academic freedom,” the AHA writes, “why has it singled out one set of ideas—critical race theory—as a subject that cannot be taught in Placentia-Yorba Linda schools?” The AHA hopes history teachers will not be required to minimize historical transgressions or their influence on the evolution of American institutions. “To do so would be a direct and clear violation of ‘the commitment to teach a complete and accurate account of history.’” The letter includes a statement criticizing similar legislative efforts to restrict education about racism in American history, co-authored by the AHA in June 2021 and signed by 152 organizations.

  • AHA Sends Letter Opposing Oklahoma Bill That Would Limit Teaching of Race and Slavery in America (December 2021)

    Dec 23, 2021 - 

    The AHA has sent a letter to members of the Oklahoma state legislature strongly opposing House Bill 2988, which would restrict the teaching of “certain concepts pertaining to America and slavery.” This “irresponsible legislation,” the AHA writes, would be “harmful to the youth of Oklahoma, leaving students ignorant of basic facts of American history and poorly prepared for the critical thinking and interpretive skills required for career and civic accomplishment.”

  • AHA Sends Letter Opposing Nonrenewal of History Department Faculty at Youngstown State University (December 2021)

    Dec 23, 2021 - 

    The AHA has sent a letter to administrators at Youngstown State University strongly discouraging the university from “proceeding with the reported nonrenewal of two faculty members in the history program.” These nonrenewals, in addition to planned retirements, “would severely diminish the department’s ability to maintain appropriate pedagogical and research standards, and counteracts the university’s own recent assessment of the department’s health.”

  • AHA Signs On to Letter Urging US House Leadership to Reauthorize Title VI International Education Programs (December 2021)

    Dec 14, 2021 - 

    The AHA has signed onto a letter by the Coalition for International Education “express[ing] our strong support” for the reauthorization of Title VI international education programs. “Whether it’s global health, environment, food production, cyber security, law enforcement, immigration and more, meeting our challenges increasingly relies on foreign language abilities, regional knowledge, cultural understanding, and experience abroad,” the letter states. “As the most comprehensive and multifaceted federal program in international education, we believe HEA-Title VI is the federal government’s foundational vehicle to address this 21st century human resource issue.”

  • Hiring: AHA Meetings and Virtual Events Assistant (December 2021)

    Dec 13, 2021 - 

    Join our collaborative team of staff dedicated to promoting history and the work of historians! The AHA is accepting applications for a meetings and virtual events assistant. We will begin reviewing applications on January 15, 2022.

  • AHA Calls on Polish State to Uphold Rights of Historians (December 2021)

    Dec 08, 2021 - 

    The AHA has sent a letter to Polish president Andrzej Duda expressing “dismay and continued concern about events taking place in Poland related to the study of history and especially regarding historical research on World War II and the Holocaust.” The AHA originally wrote to President Duda in 2016 regarding the treatment of Polish historians, issued a statement in 2018, and wrote again in February 2021; this most recent letter comes as “scholars continue to be harassed, threatened with dismissal, or forced to resign.” The AHA calls upon Polish leaders “to protect the rights of historians and other scholars to conduct impartial research into history and to advance the search for historical accuracy in a still controversial, and often painful, past.”

  • Hiring: Teaching Resource Developers (December 2021)

    Dec 07, 2021 - 

    Join our collaborative team of staff dedicated to promoting history and supporting the work of historians! The AHA is accepting applications for Teaching Resource Developers to work on the Association’s “Teaching Things: Material Culture in the History Classroom” initiative, a twelve-month project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. We will begin reviewing applications on December 27, 2021.

  • AHA Releases Statement on Censorship and Prosecution by Chinese Authorities (November 2021)

    Nov 17, 2021 - 

    In a newly released statement, the AHA is “alarmed by news reports that Chinese authorities have escalated the censorship and prosecution of Chinese citizens who deviate from the Communist Party line of hero worship.” “Such efforts strike at the very heart of historical scholarship, which depends on open-ended inquiry and a free exchange of ideas, wherever that inquiry leads, and whether or not those ideas cast aspersions on historical actors,” the AHA states. “The AHA stands firmly against national laws and policies that in effect criminalize the historical enterprise.”  To date, 20 organizations have signed onto this statement.

  • National Archives and Records Administration Responds to Reopening Questions Raised in AHA Letter

    Nov 15, 2021 - 

    In August, the AHA wrote to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) on behalf of historical researchers seeking clarity about reopening plans. NARA has now provided responses to the questions posed in the AHA's letter, as well as a communication to researchers. We are glad to publish NARA's responses as a window into NARA’s reopening process and future plans, and we will continue to work with our colleagues at NARA to increase communication between archivists and researchers.