Waldo G. Leland Prize Recipients

An honorific prize established by Council in 1981, the Leland Prize recognizes the outstanding reference tool in history over a five-year period. The prize honors Waldo G. Leland (d. 1966), the distinguished contributor to bibliographical guides and a life member of the AHA who served as secretary to the Association from 1909 to 1920.

Thomas Spear, editor, The Oxford Encyclopedia of African Historiography: Methods and Sources (Oxford Univ. Press)

Peter Powell, editor, In Sun’s Likeness and Power: Cheyenne Accounts of Shield and Tipi Heraldry, 2 vols., by James Mooney (Univ. of Nebraska Press)

Michael Cook, general editor, The New Cambridge History of Islam, 6 vols. (Cambridge Univ. Press)

Rosemary Keller, editor; Rosemary Ruether, editor; and Marie Cantlon, associate editor, Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America (Indiana Univ. Press)

John Garraty, editor, and Mark Carnes, editor, American National Biography, 24 vols. (Oxford Univ. Press under the auspices of the American Council of Learned Societies)

Barbara Tenenbaum, editor in chief, Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture. 5 vols. (Charles Scribner's Sons)

Israel Gutman, editor-in-chief, Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (Macmillan)

Kenneth Martis, editor, The Historical Atlas of United States Congressional Districts (Macmillan)

Stephan Thernstrom, editor, Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups (Belknap Press of Harvard Univ. Press)