AHA in the News: 2024 Archive

  • AHA Annual Meeting Featured in Verge Article about AI in History (February 2024)

    Feb 21, 2024 - 

    The AHA’s recent annual meeting in San Francisco was featured in an article by Josh Dzieza for The Verge about the intersection of AI and history. “AI seemed to be everywhere at the 137th annual meeting of the American Historical Association last month,” the article states, sharing observations from attendees about discussions of AI in panels, history projects featuring machine learning, the use of AI in their own work, and how these types of programs could affect historical research.

  • Executive Director Quoted in Washington Times Article on Introductory US History Courses (February 2024)

    Feb 02, 2024 - 

    AHA executive director James Grossman was quoted in a Washington Times article by Sean Salai about a study of introductory US history syllabi by Arizona State University’s Center for American Institutions that found “‘identity-focused terms’ such as ‘White supremacy’ dominated their content.” “White supremacy is not an ‘identity-focused’ term,” Grossman said. “It is a term that describes a set of legal and social structures that framed the American South for decades. It was inscribed in the law and social practice.”

  • AHA Executive Director Featured in Washington Post Article on Trump’s Civil War Comments (January 2024)

    Jan 08, 2024 - 

    AHA executive director Jim Grossman was featured in a Washington Post article by Marianne LeVine about former president Trump’s assertion that the US Civil War “could have been negotiated.” “Across much of the southern portion of the United States people were owned, bought, and sold by other humans. . . . The declarations of secession explicitly state that the seceding states were leaving the Union to maintain that system, and because many northern states were refusing to return escapees from that regime,” Grossman said. “This could not be ‘negotiated.’”