The Independence Monument in Kyiv, Ukraine. Photo by Gleb Albovsky via Unsplash.

Ukraine, Russia, and the Cold War and its Legacies: Resources from the American Historical Association

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we have compiled a list of AHA resources on the history of Ukraine, Russia, and the Cold War and its legacies. Teachers can use them in classrooms to help students understand the history of the present; journalists can draw on them to provide historical context for current events; researchers can draw on them to inform future scholarship. 

The AHA released a statement “condemn[ing] in the strongest possible terms Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine” and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s abuse of history as justification for the attack.“Putin’s rhetorical premise for this brutal violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty is anchored by a set of outlandish historical claims, including an argument that Ukraine was entirely a Soviet creation,” the AHA wrote.“We vigorously support the Ukrainian nation and its people in their resistance to Russian military aggression and the twisted mythology that President Putin has invented to justify his violation of international norms.”

In March 2022, the AHA hosted a webinar about the conflict, “Russia and Ukraine: History Behind the Headlines.” You can view the full recording from the event on our YouTube channel.

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Before the Cold War

International History of the Cold War

The Soviet Cold War

The Cold War and the World

Legacies of the Cold War

Teaching Resources

Thinking about Teaching 

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Primary Sources