Published Date

April 1, 2022

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AHA Resource, Vetted Resource


Cultural, Current Events in Historical Context, Diplomatic/International, Intellectual, Migration, Immigration, & Diaspora, Political, Social, Urban

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Asia, Europe

This resource is part of the AHA’s Ukraine, Russia, and the Cold War and its Legacies

Capitulations Redux: The Imperial Genealogy of the Post–World War I ‘Minority Regimes’” by Laura Robson (American Historical Review, 2021)

Sounds of February, Smells of October: The Russian Revolution as Sensory Experience” by Jan Plamper (American Historical Review, 2021)

To the East Turn: The Russian Revolution and the Black Radical Imagination in the United States, 1917–1924” by Winston James (American Historical Review, 2021)

Beyond the Archive: What GIS Mapping Reveals about German POWs in Soviet Russia” by Susan Grunewald (Perspectives on History, 2019)

Mobilizing the Russian Nation: Patriotism and Citizenship in the First World War,” a National History Center talk by Melissa K. Stockdale (YouTube, 2017)

Self-Determination: How a German Enlightenment Idea Became the Slogan of National Liberation and a Human Right” by Eric D. Weitz (American Historical Review, 2015)