Careers for Students of History

By Constance Schulz, Page Putnam Miller, Aaron Marrs, and Kevin Allen

Published by the American Historical Association, the National Council for Public History, and the Public History Program, University of South Carolina. Printed version, © 2002.

Table of Contents

Careers in History: An Introduction

  • Skills of the Professional Historian
  • The Importance of Professional Associations
  • The Structure of this Publication

Historians in Classrooms: Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Historians in Museums

  • Overview of the Field
  • Scope of Training
  • Types of Jobs
  • Recent Trends in the Job Market
  • Profiles:

Historians in Editing and Publishing

Historians in Archives

Historians in Historic Preservation

Historians in Federal, State, and Local History

Historians as Consultants and Contractors

Resources for Further Exploration