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The University Press of Kansas publishes scholarly and trade books in a wide array of topics, including American political and legal history, Native American and Indigenous studies, military history and intelligence studies, environmental history, American studies and culture, Western and Midwestern history, and Kansas and regional studies. Kansas is also the home of the Rethinking Careers, Rethinking Academia series, which explores graduate education and post-academic/alternative-academic careers.

As part of our mission to publish works that contribute to important scholarly and public debates, we welcome proposal and manuscript submissions that foster inclusivity inside and outside of the academy, shed new light on well-known subjects, and amplify marginalized voices from the past and present.  

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Acquisitions Team  

Joyce Harrison, Editor in Chief
Military and intelligence studies; academia and post-academic/alternate-academic careers. Series: Modern War Studies; Rethinking Careers, Rethinking Academia; Studies in Civil-Military Relations; War on Screen

David Congdon, Acquisitions Editor
Politics and law. Series: American Political Thought; American Presidency Series; American Presidential Elections; Congressional Leaders; Constitutional Thinking; Landmark Law Cases and American Society; Modern First Ladies; Politics and Popular Culture; Studies in Government and Public Policy; Studies in US Religion, Politics, and Law

Bethany Mowry, Acquisitions Editor
Western history, Native American and Indigenous studies, environmental studies, American studies, Kansas and regional studies. Series: CultureAmerica; Environment and Society

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