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Read prize-winning articles from the American Historical Review

2020 Letitia Woods Brown Memorial Article Prize
Historians and Ethics: Finding Anne Moody
Françoise N. Hamlin

2020 Blegen Article Award, The Forest History Society
2019 Berkshire Conference of Women Historians Article Awards
The Walrus and the Bureaucrat: Energy, Ecology, and Making the State in the Russian and American Arctic, 1870-1950
Bathsheba Demuth

2019 Srinivas Aravamudan Prize, American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies
Slavery, Sovereignty, and 'Inheritable Blood' Reconsidering John Locke and the Origins of American Slavery
Holly Brewer

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Conduct, Habitus and Practice
The Chivalric Turn: Conduct and Hegemony in Europe before 1300 by David Crouch

Slave Raiding and Slave Trading
Slavery After Rome, 500-1100 by Alice Rio

Oral History and Feminist Method
Sisterhood and After: An Oral History of the UK Women's Liberation Movement, 1968-present by Margaretta Jolly

Introduction: Collective Memory
Fly Until You Die: An Oral History of Hmong Pilots in the Vietnam War by Chia Youyee Vang

The Loving Community
Caritas: Neighbourly Love and the Early Modern Self by Katie Barclay

A Feeling for Things, Past and Present
Feeling Things: Objects and Emotions through History by Stephanie Downes, Sally Holloway, and Sarah Randles

Featured Articles from Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History

African American Soldiers in World War I
Oxford Research Encyclopedias
Amanda M. Nagel

Pentecostalism in America
Oxford Research Encyclopedias
Roger G. Robins

California Indians
Oxford Research Encyclopedias
Benjamin L. Madley

The Asian American Movement
Oxford Research Encyclopedias
Daryl Joji Maeda

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