Recommendations for Interviews in Non-Job Center Facilities

Although the AHA recognizes that the ideal interviewing environment is a parlor room, the Association realizes this is not always possible. If it is necessary for an institution to conduct interviews in a regular hotel room, the AHA strongly encourages interviewing institutions to ensure

  • that the interviewing committee has both genders represented
  • that there is proper seating for job candidates and all interviewers—no one should be seated on a bed
  • that candidates and AHA staff are advised where the interviews will be held

Institutions are urged to

  • pay careful attention to interview space, whether parlor room or bedroom is used
  • advise the hotel when the reservation is made that additional seating will be needed
  • ask the hotel’s housekeeping department to clean the room before interviewing begins
  • ensure that all interviews and candidates have proper seating and that no one sits on a bed
  • keep AHA staff informed where interviews are taking place