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Advertising in the publications of the American Historical Association provides you with the best opportunity for reaching members of the historical profession in the United States. As the oldest (founded in 1884) and largest (more than 18,000 individual and institutional members) professional historical organization in the United States, only the American Historical Association brings together historians specializing in every period, geographic region, and topic of history. Through its scholarly and professional activities, the American Historical Association represents the broad diversity of historical enterprise today. More than 60 percent of the Association's members are professors of history, with the remaining 40 percent consisting of students, teachers, administrators, and publishers in the field.

To meet and address the varied interests of its members, the AHA publishes the American Historical Review, the major journal of record for the historical profession in the United States; Perspectives on History, the major national news monthly of the profession, providing articles and commentary on important people, events, and trends in the profession; and the AHA Annual Meeting Program, the handbook for the largest annual gathering of historians in the United States. These subscription publications, along with their pass-along audience, reach more historians than any other group of publications in America. All Advertising in the Publications of the American Historical Association is subject to the "Policy on Exhibits, Advertisements, Mailing List Rentals, and Sales." See the Advertising Specifications page for information on advertising in:

  • Perspectives on History, the monthly newsmagazine of the American Historical Association
  • American Historical Review 
  • The AHA's Annual Meeting Supplement
  • The AHA's Annual Meeting Program

Information on renting the AHA's mailing list is also available. If you have questions about mailing lists, please contact the Membership Department.

Advertising Specifications