Carlos Alberto Contreras

Councilor, Teaching

Carlos Alberto Contreras is professor of history at Grossmont College in San Diego. He teaches Latin American history and US history and writes about US-Latin America relations. He believes that community colleges are vital to our democracy. He is member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council at his campus and mentors new community college faculty. He has participated in several NEH seminars, most recently in the AHA’s “Bridging Cultures” program, and has brought those insights back to his campus to give professional development workshops and collaborate with fellow faculty on incorporating this new scholarship and push the boundaries of history survey courses. He also organizes lectures and film screenings and discussions to engage the larger community about the importance of history and historical thinking. As a councilor of the Teaching Division, he is committed to building on the AHA’s strong teaching initiatives and developing new opportunities to promote the importance of history and historical thinking to the larger public.