Digital History at AHA16

Annual meeting attendees will have access to an unprecedented range of workshops, panels, and events focused on digital approaches to all aspects of historical scholarship. Whether you think of yourself as a “digital historian” or someone who just wants to find out more about what digital tools do, there is something for you among the offerings at #AHA16. Be sure to check out the poster sessions for more digital presentations, and join us on Thursday evening at 5:30 for a reception for history bloggers and tweeters.

THATCampAHA 2016

The AHA annual meeting will once again have an associated THATCamp on Wednesday, January 6, at Georgia State University. To register for THATCamp, go to THATCampAHA 2016 where you can sign up, propose a topic, and meet your fellow campers.

THATCamp (The Humanities and Technology Camp) is an unconference: an inexpensive gathering where humanists and technologists of all skill levels learn and build together, collaboratively exploring questions on any aspect of the application of technology to the humanities. Sessions are proposed online or the day of the event and can be general discussions, a project-based hackathons, or workshops.

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AHA16 Digital History Lightning Rounds

This year, the AHA is proud to present to our annual meeting attendees two lightning rounds. This presentation format can bring verve and enthusiasm to a conference. The idea? Getting word out about a variety of research projects in a series of brief, high-energy presentations. The two lightning rounds we have planned this year are "Digital Pedagogy for History: Lightning Round" and the "Digital Projects Lightning Round."

AHA16 Digital History Lightning Rounds

Getting Started in Digital History Workshop

Our third annual Getting Started in Digital History workshop will help you orient yourself in the digital history world with a basic overview of tools, methodologies and funding sources that will help you as you practice history. All of our participants will get an overview of three recent digital-history projects and how these projects integrate some of the tools and methodologies that define the field of digital history. Then, participants have their choice of two options: an introductory track with two 45-minute overviews in different digital-history specialties; or an intermediate track that gives participants two hours of hands-on experience with a single set of tools.

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AHA16 Digital History Sessions

According to Seth Denbo, "The web is not only changing how we shop, communicate with our friends and family, and look at pictures of cats—it reverberates through our research, teaching, and publishing." The breadth of this transformation, and the myriad ways in which it is affecting our scholarship is clearly evident in the digitally focused offerings at the annual meeting in Atlanta this year.

Digital History Sessions

Guidelines for the Professional Evaluation of Digital Scholarship in History

The AHA Council has approved the Guidelines for the Professional Evaluation of Digital Scholarship in History. Read the guidelines, and get in touch if you need to consult the new Digital History Working Group about implementing these guidelines.

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