Business Meeting

Business Meeting Agenda

The January 2020 business meeting will be held Sunday, January 5, at 5:15–7:30 p.m., New York Hilton, Mercury Ballroom (3rd Floor). The business meeting is restricted to members only. Please confirm in advance that your AHA membership is up to date.

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AHA 2020 Business Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome from the AHA President
  • Report of the Executive Director
  • Report of the Nominating Committee
  • Presentation of Presidential Plaque
  • Consideration of Member-Submitted Resolutions:
    • Resolution on Supporting Scholars Off the University Tenure Track
    • Resolution Condemning Affiliations between ICE and Higher Education
    • Resolution on Protecting the Right to Education in Palestine-Israel
    • Resolution on Academic Freedom of US Citizens Visiting Israel and Palestine

Bringing Business before the AHA's Annual Business Meeting

For details on how bringing business before the meeting works, see this guide in our Constitution and Bylaws.

Business Meeting Procedures