K-12 Membership

The American Historical Association and the Society for History Education are pleased to offer a joint membership package that provides access to the publications, programs, and other activities of both organizations. Don’t pass up this opportunity to gain better access to what’s new in history teaching and in the larger historical community and to become part of history education's strongest advocacy network. The AHA also offers a special Institutional Membership for K-12 history departments.

K–12 Joint Membership Includes

The AHA’s Perspectives on History. The major national news monthly of the profession. Provides articles and commentary on important events, trends, and people. Includes a regular column on “Teaching Innovations,” special features, and opinion pieces. Published during the academic year, September through May.

The AHA's American Historical Review. The major journal of record for the history profession in the US since 1895 that brings together scholarship from every major field of historical study (also available in paperless format at a discounted membership rate).

The AHA Annual Meeting Program. The handbook for the largest annual gathering in the discipline in the United States, with a special lineup of sessions each year on critical issues in history teaching.

The History Teacher. A quarterly teaching journal, published by the Society for History Education and including articles on curricula and instructional techniques, analyses of important interpretations and historiographical problems, and critical review essays on audiovisual materials, textbooks, and other classroom materials.

Special member prices for publications. These include the AHA's teaching pamphlets (Teaching Diversity: People of Color, Essays on the Columbian Encounter, Essays on the Constitution, The New American History Essays, and Essays on Global and Comparative History) and other instructional materials. Order publications through Oxford University Press.

Additional member benefits available to all individual AHA members.

Your Joint Membership Will Also Support

Collaborative programs. Including the History Teaching Alliance, National History Day, and regional teaching conferences.

Special projects. Efforts to improve history teaching and learning.

Special annual meeting activities. Panels, workshops, and discussions designed specifically for K–12 educators, special events and speakers with affiliated societies, and networking opportunities at the AHA annual meeting.

Advocacy work on behalf of the discipline, including the AHA’s statement of support for the revision of the AP US History Framework and the development of the C3 Framework for curriculum development.

Don’t Pass This Up!

The American Historical Association. Founded in 1884, the AHA is the nation’s oldest and largest professional organization in the field of history, and the only organization that encompasses all geographical, chronological, and topical interests and all work contexts.

The Society for History Education. An affiliated society of the AHA, SHE was founded nearly 20 years ago to promote publication and communication of matters of importance in the teaching of history.

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