Two-Year College Task Force 2011

Submitted by Trinidad Gonzales, chair

The Two-Year College taskforce is composed of Trinidad Gonzales, chair, Cheryll Ann Cody, Judith Jeffrey Howard, Kevin Reilly, Natalie Kimbrough, and AHA staff, Noralee Frankel and James Grossman.

The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming final report, which is a general history of the taskforce’s accomplishments:

From 2010 to 2012 the taskforce accomplishments included organizing receptions/forums, panels, a survey of two-year college faculty, a joint membership with a community college association, an AHA website resource page, and input for the AHA's Bridging Culture's grant application. Members have written for Perspectives on History. Panels sponsored or co-sponsored include for 2011 "Getting a Job at a Community College", and "Teaching the Survey", and for 2012 "Recognizing Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching", and "Successfully Teaching History in the Online Environment: Experiences, Tips, and Thoughts." In 2010, Robert Townsend conducted a survey of two-year college faculty with 130 individuals responding. AHA members can now join the Community College Humanities Association for a reduced fee of $35. Task force members helped provide the intellectual framework for the successful AHA application to the NEH Bridging Cultures grant program American History, Atlantic and Pacific: An NEH Bridging Cultures Project, which was awarded in 2011. Material written for Perspectives on History included Frank Malaret's 100 word description of the AHA website resource page, and Natalie Kimbrough's "The Day in the Life of a Two-Year Faculty Member." Throughout its tenure, the taskforce has carefully deliberated the recommendations to the Council appended to this report.

Survey: Robert Townsend plans on analyzing the data from the Two-Year member survey. We hope to see what his analysis produces and possibly seek an article for Perspective from that analysis. 

The taskforce is currently drafting the final report for Council, which will be submitted during spring 2012.