Graduate and Early Career Committee 2011

Submitted by Aaron W. Marrs

The Graduate and Early Career Committee has spent another year attempting to meet the needs of its broad and diverse constituencies. Although the committee is powerless to ameliorate the chief concern of many—the state of the job market—we have nevertheless dedicated ourselves to continuing to serve as a conduit of information so that young historians can make informed choices about their careers.

2011 Annual Meeting
At the Boston meeting GECC implemented the session rotation schedule described in a previo us report. This rotation will help ensure that topics of regular importance to graduate students and early career professionals are addressed on a regular basis.

2012 Annual Meeting
GECC spent much of its fall web meeting discussing its activities at the upcoming meeting in Chicago. As usual, GECC will host a series of panels on professional issues of interest to young professionals. The GECC is also making some changes to its annual meeting programming. The GECC reception has been moved to Thursday night in order to give participants more time to make use of the networking that takes place at the event. This is in direct response to an idea received at the 2011 open forum. The reception will also be conceived as more of mixer, in hopes of encouraging participants to meet people outside of their school.

2013 Annual Meeting
At its fall web meeting, the GECC designed a series of panels appropriate for the 2013 annual meeting. We will also be monitoring the changes made to the reception to see if they should be retained in 2013.

Communications with the membership
Over the course of 2011, I have posted several items to the AHA’s blog, publicizing the activities of the committee. We have also submitted items to the AHA’s Facebook page. I trust that the GECC will continue to explore additional means of communicating with its members over the coming years.

Farewell and thanks
This will be my final report as the chair of the committee since my terms ends after the 2012 annual meeting. I have been honored to serve on this committee for two terms: once as a member in the Committee for Graduate Students, and then to return as a professional to the rechristened Graduate and Early Career Committee. It has been a pleasure to serve with so many other talented committee members, and I am deeply indebted to the tireless assistance I received from the AHA staff throughout my tenure on the committee in both.