Committee on Minority Historians 2010

Prepared by Ana Elizabeth Rosas, chair for 2010

2010 Business
The Committee on Minority Historians (CMH) had a conference call meeting on November 8, 2010. During this meeting, the committee proposed the possibility of strengthening our AHA Equity Awards announcement’s language concerning nominations being carried forward from year to year, as well as the development of a form or language that would tighten the award criteria nomination letters should address. We anticipate that these measures will help improve the breadth and diversity of award winners over time. Another important item on our agenda was using our AHA Equity Award and Perspectives in History to advance our association’s conversation on the retention of faculty of color in our profession. To this end, George J. Sánchez will write an article on this issue that is to be published by Perspectives in History. The committee also discussed ideas for sessions for the 2012 AHA annual meeting.
CMH heard a report from the Graduate and Early Career Committee, given by Doug Kiel. He reported that GECC is making wonderful progress. This committee is working to podcast select annual meeting sessions of interest to graduate students, as well as to establish a social network that includes helpful resources for graduate students seeking nonacademic employment opportunities.

2011 Annual Meeting
In January 2011, CMH chair Ana Elizabeth Rosas was invited to give two presentations at the AHA annual meeting held in Boston entitled, “Pathways toward an Expansive and Shared Sense of the Past” and “Teaching Chicana-Latina Women’s History.” Both presentations were part of annual meeting sessions sponsored by the Graduate and Early Career Committee (GECC) and Committee on Women Historians respectively. Each presentation proved a generative conversation toward asserting the committee’s dedication to the importance of mentorship and teaching that advances diversity within the historical profession.

Also at the 2011 AHA annual meeting CMH sponsored its mentoring breakfast (January 7) and evening reception (January 8), as well as three meeting sessions: “Rights and Rites of Passage” (January 8), “Remapping the Historical Terrain” (January 9), and “John Hope Franklin Life and Legacy” (January 9). This annual meeting also marked the committee’s inaugural award of the AHA Equity Awards to George J. Sánchez of the University of Southern California and the Department of History of Baruch College, City University of New York.
For 2011, CMH will be joined by a new member, Celia E. Naylor of Barnard College. Ana Elizabeth Rosas will be rotating off of the committee. Mae Ngai of Columbia University will replace her. Martin Summers of Boston College will serve as chair of the committee for 2011.