Committee on Women Historians 2009

by Peg Strobel, Chair

In 2009 the Committee’s work focused principally on efforts related to the annual meeting.

John D’Emelio spoke at the CWH breakfast at the 2010 meeting, and also sponsored a roundtable on Blanche Wiesen Cook’s work.

Looking ahead, Committee members are exploring several possible sessions to propose for the 2011 Annual Meeting, including: a) What different meanings does the scholarship on gender hold for different generations of scholars? b) How can we keep women’s history alive and relevant in the classroom? c) How can and should women and gender be integrated into the interpretation of historic sites and other public history venues?  In addition, we agreed to sponsor a session already proposed on marginality, subordination and disenfranchisement.

Finally, the Committee is undertaking a study on the status of female associate professors. In terms of addressing the issue of female faculty being delayed in advancing from associate to full professor, Robert Townsend will provide us with data for discussion at the fall 2010 CWH meeting.