AHA and AHR Staff 2008

AHA Headquarters Staff

  • Arnita A. Jones, executive director
  • Noralee Frankel, assistant director, women, minorities, and teaching
  • Randy Norell, controller
  • Robert B. Townsend, assistant director, publications and research
  • Sharon K. Tune, assistant director, administration, and convention director
  • Matt Burruss,* publication sales/business office assistant
  • David M. Darlington, associate editor, Perspectives; co-editor, Directory
  • Debbie Ann Doyle, administrative manager, public history coordinator, and convention assistant
  • Kristen Eargle,* staff accountant
  • Kelly Elmore, marketing manager
  • Jessica Folmer,* executive office assistant
  • Meaghan Gay,* publication sales/business office assistant
  • Elisabeth Grant, web content editor
  • Christian A. Hale, production manager, publications
  • Michelle Hewitt, membership coordinator
  • Vernon Horn, Internet projects manager
  • Matthew Keough,* executive office assistant
  • Jesse Pierce,* administrative assistant
  • Jessica Pritchard,* staff writer
  • Pamela Scott-Pinkney, membership manager
  • Scott Sobelman,* staff accountant
  • Pillarisetti Sudhir, editor, Perspectives
  • Liz Townsend, co-editor, Directory

(* These staff members were part of the staff only during a part of 2008)

American Historical Review Staff

  • Robert A. Schneider, editor
  • Sarah Knott, associate editor
  • Moureen Coulter, reviews editor
  • Jane Lyle, articles editor
  • Mary Anne Thacker, operations/production manager
  • Cheryl L. Jones (University of Chicago Press), advertising manager
  • Editorial Assistants: Maria D. Duarte, Andrew M. Koke, Colleen M. Moore, Elizabeth A. Nelson, James B. Seaver, Benjamin A. Stellwagen, and David Woken