Task Force on Intellectual Property 2007

Not much that is controversial or debatable has been referred to the Task Force on Intellectual Property (TFIP) during 2007.

During the year, the TFIP was asked, however, to review the draft AHR publication agreement (which was being revised to take cognizance of the journal being co-published by Chicago University Press). We agreed that the agreement takes a strong and admirable position with respect to reproducing in full authors’ articles in the AHR. The task force appreciated and was supportive of the Association’s position in this regard.

Michael Les Benedict, the Association’s parliamentarian and a member of the TFIP, continues to work on the brief historian’s guide to copyright, which the task force commissioned. We hope we will be able to post that sometime during 2008. We are very grateful to him for undertaking the project for us.

The members of the Task Force continue to monitor developments in intellectual property issues, and will bring to the attention of the Council anything that seems to require active consideration or action by the Association.

—Stanley N. Katz