Committee on Affiliated Societies 2007

In the course of the year, the Committee on Affiliated Societies considered applications from two societies, recommended the suspension of four affiliates, and revised the Association’s guidelines for affiliation.

The Committee received two applications for affiliation: one from Historians Against the War (HAW) and the other from the Society for the History of Children and Youth (SHCY). The committee was internally divided about the application from HAW, but ultimately submitted a positive recommendation for affiliation. In the end, the Council did not agree, and the application of the HAW was rejected. The SHCY application, on the other hand, received unanimous approval from the committee, and their affiliation was agreed to by the Council at its January 2008 meeting.

On the recommendation of staff, the committee recommended the suspension of affiliated status for four societies (the Conference Group for Social and Administrative History, Societa Degli Storici Italiani, the Committee on History in the Classroom, and the Group for the Use of Psychology in History), all of whom failed to reply to repeated queries for information over the past five years. This recommendation was unanimously approved by Council.

After a thorough review, the committee also proposed a substantial overhaul of the Guidelines for Affiliation to the Council. These revisions fix a number of ambiguities in the policy, and codify the process for suspending affiliate status. Following Council approval, the revised Guidelines now appear online.

—Gabrielle Spiegel