Committee for Graduate Students 2007

In 2007, the Committee for Graduate Students undertook a new initiative to create a pamphlet on dissertation writing in history. The committee has secured 12 different authors to write essays exploring various phases of the dissertation process. The pamphlet is designed to provide dissertators with practical, actionable steps to make the dissertation task more transparent and manageable.

In May 2007, the CGS’s redesigned Resources for History Graduate Students web site went live. It provides a centralized location for tips, best practices, and information about the stages of graduate education from admission to graduate school through the job search. The site brings together newly commissioned pieces, existing web links, and articles that have appeared in Perspectives. This web site’s relaunch was publicized in Perspectives, the AHA blog, and on the DGS and Chair’s listserves.

In its continuing efforts to expand annual meeting programming for graduate students the CGS organized and hosted an Orientation Session for the 2008 Annual Meeting as well as five sessions: Closing the “Passion Gap” in Graduate Education: Strategies for Building Graduate Community and Sustaining the Joy of Doing History; From Notes to Narrative: The Art of Crafting a Dissertation or Monograph; Learning to Teach: History Education for the 21st Century; An Insider’s Guide to the Academic Job Market; and From Teaching Assistant to Tenure: The Transition from Graduate Student to Professional.

Last but not least, the the Committee for Graduate Students continued to collaborate with the Teaching, Research, and Professional Divisions on areas of common interest.

Elise M. Lipkowitz