Annual Report 2007

Table of Contents

The digital version of the AHA Annual Report for 2007 was edited and produced for the web by Pillarisetti Sudhir and Elisabeth Grant. The table and charts used in the report were prepared by Robert B. Townsend.

The President's Preface by Barbara Weinstein

Officer's Reports

The Executive Director’s Report by Arnita A. Jones

Report of the Professional Division by Anthony Grafton

Report of the Research Division by Teofilo Ruiz

Report of the Teaching Division by Karen Halttunen

Report of the Editor of the American Historical Review by Robert A. Schneider

Finanical Report

Financial Statements, with independent auditors' report (PDF)

Committee Reports

Committee on Affiliated Societies by Gabrielle Spiegel

Committee for Graduate Students by Elise S. Lipkowitz

Committee on International Historical Activities by Eric J. Van Young

Committee on Minority Historians by Donald Grinde

Committee on Women Historians by Barbara Ransby

Working Group/Task Force on the Future of the AHA by William Chafe

Task Force on Intellectual Property by Stanley Katz

The Pacific Coast Branch by Peter Blodgett

The 2007 Election: The Report of the Nominating Committee by Neil Foley

The National History Center

Council, Divisions, and Committees


25-Year Members

Honorary Life Members

Life Members


Operating Fund Donors

Endowment Donors

Contributing Members

Awards, Prizes, Fellowships, and Grants

Council Decisions

Minutes of the 122nd Business Meeting by Robert B. Townsend

Affiliates of the AHA

AHA and AHR Staff